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The young and gorgeous Dante Colle stars alongside the muscular daddy figure Jackson Traynor, in this hardcore gay porn movie by Men, and it has been released by Str8 To Gay, which is part of the huge Men.com network.

What’s Up His Ass Part 2

Jackson London’s son has suspected that he has been having an affair for a while, and he is determined to catch him out. In Part 1 of this hardcore series, he followed him in his car and saw his dad having sex with Johnny Rapid.

In this episode, it starts off with Jackson son sitting in his car, when he sees Dante Colle getting into his dad’s car, and kissing his dad. They go off, and his son follows. He watches as his dad, and Dante get out and go into a rented apartment, he is not happy, but his father, Jackson Traynor is more than happy.
Dante Colle, Jackson Traynor
Jackson and Dante go into their room and start kissing straight away. They are hot for each other’s body, and soon get naked. They wrestle with their tongues, and Dante gets down on his knees like a good puppy worshipping his master. He grabs Jackson’ thick dick in his hand, as he licks and sucks on it all over. He slurps on it down to its roots and licks his cock head like it’s the best ice cream he has ever had. Dante’s hands go up and down Jackson’ rock hard body, and down to his balls, where he massages them as he carries on sucking his big bit of meat.

Jackson pushes Dante onto the bed on his back, pulls his legs open and up to his chest. Dante keeps calling him daddy, and he whimpers with pleasure as Jackson gets down and licks his smooth jock ass all over the place. He lubes it up with his probing tongue and then sucks on Dante’s young cock.
gay porn
Jackson rips open a condom packet, rolls the rubber on, and slides his fat cock inch by beautiful inch into that dripping wet man hole. Jackson drills that ass hard and fast, just the way Dante likes it. He fucks him in the missionary position, doggy style, and eventually, Dante Colle rides that dick like there is no tomorrow.

Dante lies down on the bed, and his head is close to Jackson Traynor’s cock as he jerks it up and down. With a heavy moan of excitement, Jackson cums over Dante’s gorgeous young face. Dante then pulls frantically on his own cock, and as Jackson plays with his fucked butt hole, his body stiffens, and he ejaculates over his smooth jock body.

The Gay Pornstars

Dante Colle is a hot and horny young jock with a smooth body swimmers body and a sweet tasty fuckable ass. He is five feet nine inches tall, has brown hair, sexy blue eyes, and he is a versatile bottom and has an eight-inch uncut cock.
Dante has starred in five gay porn vids for Men.com, and in his next movie, due out on September 4th, he gets his ass fucked hard by Paul Canon, in ‘Remote Control: Episode 1Watch more here

Jackson Traynor is one hell of a sexy daddy figure. He has a muscular and smooth body, and a bit of scruff around his face. He is a man’s man is full of masculinity and likes to be in control of his young pups. Jackson is five feet ten inches tall, with brown hair, beautiful blue eyes, and he is a power top with an eight inch cut cock.

He has starred in eight hot and horny gay movies, and in his next movie, ‘Daddy’s Secret Part 3’ he rams his eight-inch fat cock deep into the hunky Aspen’s cute ass.
I like a man with experience, and Dante Colle certainly has that. He goes from one man to another in this horny series, and he shows his young and tight pups exactly who is in charge as he rips those assholes wide open and covers them in his cum.

Gay porn star Bo Sinn goes fisting

There’s a change in the usual routine at the MEN website today with the release of a movie by Bromo US. ‘Wall Stuffed Part 1′ features one of Bromo’s top gay pornstars, Bo Sinn, a 6’ 2″ Canadian with tattoos, a 10-inch uncut cock and, as his short bio says, ‘no restrictions.’ Daring to put himself at the mercy of this power top is slim and athletic Drew Dixon, a versatile guy with an ass that can take just about anything. That’s just as well as, unusually for Men.com, this scene features very hardcore fisting, gaping and bareback.

There’s a simple set up. Bo enters a backroom club where the doorman takes his money, and the first thing to see is a wall lined with guys, at least, with their bottom halves. Legs are tied to the ceiling offering pink puckers for the plucking, there are no faces, only holes, gloryholes, mouths and assholes included. Bo finds the opening he’s looking for, and from then on, all fuckable hell breaks loose.

gaping and gay bareback

Using Drew’s mouth and head as an anonymous fuck toy, Bo rams his hardening ten inches into one warm opening, getting himself lubed and ready for the other willing hole. When Drew has turned and offered his ass through the gloryhole – which is larger than the ones we use in cottages and toilets – Drew is in for something far harder. From then on, the action is a mix of hard fisting with Bo pumping his arm into Drew’s well-lubed hole to the wrist before switching over and using his massive cock. This goes on and speeds up as both guys become more desperate, and Drew takes a severe banging. Just when you think that ass can’t take anymore, the fisting and fucking get harder still, until Bo Sinn blows his load over one hell of a battered hole, and Drew is left gasping and wide open.

I can’t remember the last time I saw a fisting scene on MEN or a scene from Bromo come to that, but whether it’s a bonus or a buy-in, a movie from the same company under a different name or what, it’s one of the hardest and most fetish movies you’re going to see today. Watch it here

Gay pornstars Paul Cannon in a Str8 To Gay video

Lance Hart and Paul Cannon appear in the latest release from Str8 To Gay, one of the eight Men.com sites you access when you join this award-winning network. As the title suggests, Str8 To Gay takes scenario scenes where a straight guy ends up in a gay sex romp with a gay character or a curious one, and in this case, we have some older/younger action taking place as well.

There is a brief story here, filmed with a slight touch of comedy as Paul Cannon comes to his GF’s house to meet the parents. ‘Dad’, played by Lance Hart, takes an instant shine to the younger guy, giving him an over-friendly hug and a squeeze of his ass, and makes it pretty clear what he wants. Paul’s not so sure about this and heads off to take a shower. Cue the expected long shots of the hunk naked and wet, and the dad coming to spy on him, whipping out his hard, shaved cock for a quick wank before he gets caught.

It becomes too much for Lance who pounces on Paul and drags him naked into the bedroom. From then on, it’s pure bareback hardcore as Paul discovers the delights of older guy cock, both sucking and riding it, being put in all kinds of positions by top daddy, Lance. There’s also a comedic twist at the end which fits in perfectly with the rest of the movie, and we’re not done out of our porn or cum shots because of it. As usual with Men.com, it’s great filming and good hardcore, with HD streams and downloads and some images to save.

Paul Cannon is a versatile top, but gets to be a ravaged bottom in ‘Meet My Folks’, and Lance, looking slightly older and a bit salt-and-pepper, plays his part masterfully. Once inside the members’ area, you can check out the guys in the model index and find all their movies, and the network now has over 3,000 exclusives to explore.